WP HORIZONS s.r.l. was born in February 2017 following a consultancy project started in 2009 which included, thanks to several professional experiences with private customers, Certification Societies and Classification Societies of its components, the idea of creating the multi-purpose services system for the company through the synergy of different subjects and qualified groups in the maritime and industrial sector.


The Mission of WP Horizonss.r.l. is being able to offer to theCompanies a range of highly professional services, finding a solution of human resources, equipment, tools and skills capable of satisfying customer expectations efficiently and minimizing costs framework.

This is made possible by the consolidated collaboration of high quality standard business service Companies and professional offices that has been created and retained over the years.

WP HORIZONS therefore proposes a structured organization of skills and resources able, not only to provide support in compliance with the regulations thanksthe technologically advanced laboratory instrumentation, but also to offer operational support tools to the Company, with services such as consultancy management, training of human resources, advanced engineering activities up to outsourcing for corporate management processes.

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