Ethics management systems


Ethical certification in compliance with international regulation SA 8000 provides a set of behavioural standards to adhere with, during daily routine, valid for any kind of Organization. An Ethical Code aimed to all operating inside an Organization represent a very useful tool to seek company objectives with correct and fair methods. Leading principles of the standard are honesty, rightfulness, transparency and confidentiality in carrying out Company Mission.

SA 8000 system is structurally based on the one normally in use in the Companies to ensure quality management: ISO 9001 standard. SA 8000 indeed applies ISO standard audit techniques of proved effectiveness, encouraging continuous improvement and focusing on system management and documentation to ensure efficiency.

WP HORIZONS offers the following:

  • Social profile analysis of the Organization
  • Sensitization and Design of the System for the Management of Social Responsibility
  • Construction of the Management System of Social Responsibility
  • Delivery of the Social Responsibility Management System
  • Choice of Certification Society
  • Checks on the functioning of the Social Responsibility Management System (Audit)
  • Assistance until certification is obtained

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